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Digraphe - show love with a wow effect!

Digraphe - show love with a wow effect!

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What is a digraphe?

A digraphe is an ultra-customized decorative optical illusion that blends two words - two first names, for example - in an original and surprising way. Stand in front of the digraph. Shift a little to the left and the digraph will take the shape of the first name; a little to the right and it will take the shape of the second name!

For what occasion should you buy a digraphe?

Used with first names, the digraphe is an object that shows the value we attach to the bonds that unite people. It would be ideal for a wedding gift, engagement gift, wedding anniversary gift, Valentine's Day gift, Father's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, or simply for Christmas or a birthday... Or any other occasion to celebrate love! It can be used for both members of a couple, or for two children or two friends. The more original can even try something other than first names: why not a first name and a nickname? A first name and a value embodied by that person, or a project to which that person has contributed? If there's anything else you'd like to try out, we'd love to hear from you!

Giving or treating yourself to a digraphe is the certainty of giving an original, unique, highly personal, surprising and fascinating gift. A beautiful wow effect to add to your home decor and show off to friends and family when they come to visit! The digraph won't go unnoticed! Great emotions ahead!

How is a digraphe made?

The first thing we make when you send us an order is a 3D model of the entire digraphe, to ensure that the optical illusion is perfect. This model is unique for each combination of first names. It is then prepared so that the individual elements can be 3D printed. Our parts are made from PLA, a biosourced plastic derived from corn starch. The letters are then assembled on a wooden base. Two options are available: the lighter wood, French ash, is worked by a cabinetmaker to a very high standard of finish. The padauk base is worked in our workshop and offers red tones to brighten up the decoration. A photo pick (metal rod with a spiral at the end to carry a photo) can be added on request.

The set is then prepared for shipping and protected by cardboard wedges and dunnage particles, also made from corn starch, and compostable!

Will this really work for our first names?

It is of course possible to use different sized first names or words: More info here

It's also possible to use compound first names, in which case the hyphen is "hidden" behind another letter to keep the optical illusion perfect.

We do not, however, have the option of using accents or cedillas. For this reason, first names are written in unaccented capital letters.

We don't have the option of using accents or cedillas.

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